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about me

grey | aejis | 奕君


a tea-drinking gremlin

hi, i'm grey, and i'm a 22 year old accountancy student who writes in their free time. my writing background was in poetry before i ventured into fandom. i was a staff editor for a literary magazine for 3 years and editor-in-chief for the same magazine for 1 year. i enjoy writing whump and fluff so fluffy you friends joke that i am irl todoroki as my right hand is always colder than my left and i am always down to pull out the conspiracy board for any reason.i'm also the mod for the hades game tracker account @hadesgamecodexfor a list of fandoms i'm a part of, click here.

[aries sun | pisces moon | cancer rising]
[english | chinese | spanish]
[taiwanese american]
[nonbinary trans | gay/bi | ace/cupio]
[*ct | ust-6/-5 ]

my fandoms

abbreviationoriginal language nameenglish name
atlaavatar: the last airbendern/a
bnhaboku no hero academiamy hero academia
dcmkdetective conan/magic kaiton/a
gigenshin impactn/a
hamefuran/amy next life as a villainess
hadeshades (video game 2018)n/a
hikagohikaru no gon/a
jjkjujutsu kaisenn/a
knykimetsu no yaibademon slayer
loklegend of korran/a
p5persona 5n/a
qzgsquan zhi gao shouthe king's avatar
sk8sk8 the infinityn/a
n/ahella manhuas/manhwasn/a
slna honjaman level upsolo leveling


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carrds i've designed

start yearfandomeventcategory
2022hqShots of GOld (nsfw bartender)zine
2021lokwhere water meets electricityzine
2021hqhq trans big bang 2021big bang
2021dcmkwps projectzine
2021hqeternity (kagehina)zine
2021bnhabnha whump bang 2021bang
2020bnhaizuku big bang 2021big bang